Wellcome to Koralia Kolaiti's Ceramic Art Studio, official website. Here you can find some core information about Koralia as an artist and  her work.


    Koralia Kolaiti, has studied political science in Panteio University of Athens. After her graduaction she worked for various major companies, but soon she decided that this was not her path in life. 
    In 1983 she decided to start experimenting with ceramic art. It did not take long before she opened her first workshop.

    She has been taught the technology of ceramic art by Menandros Papadopoulos and Kostas Tarkasis, well known ceramic artists in Greece.

    At the same time, and as she always took interest in the three dimentional objects, apart from the ones created on the wheel, she studied for two years with the English sculptor Alfred Allwin, who was at the time residing in Athens.

    She also studied gemology with Costas Lambrianidis, and jewlery creation with Ms. Chaves at the College of Athens.

    Her present work, as shown in the recent video, is a combination of all these studies and skills. 

    High ceramic technology, sculpting and three dimentional perceptions, combined with bijouterie, as is evident in the extensive use of real gold lines on all of her pieces.

    In all the lines that she has created until this day, may they be complete lines or individual items, she tries to infuse an evident Greek element. 

    The present line has many references, from the theatrical costumes and the royal garments, to the Byzantine ceremonial garments and the Parisian brocade fabrics. 

    As she has roots both in Cephalonia Island, and the Asia Minor, she is always combining and always caught in the middle of East and West. 

She has presented her work repetitively in the Pan-Hellenic Exhibition of Ceramic Art.
She has taken place in the Valuris exhibition, in France.
She has represented Greece in an international competition at the exhibition "Greek ceramic artists" in Faenza, Italy.
She has been a part of the exhibition "Six Greeks in Germany" in Berlin, 2000.
She has taken part in many commercial expositions and trade fairs with great success. 

All of our pieces are unique. 
Materials used:  The main body of all of our pieces consists of stoneware samote and gres. The colors we use are porcelain inglobes, metal oxides and body stains.
The golden lines are real gold 22k.
The main decoration characteristic on our pieces is colored engravings. 
They are fired three times, at 1020, 1260 and 750 degrees Celsius.
They are non toxic, water proof and fire resistant. 
Each item, as any truly hand crafted piece, is unique and it will always vary in the four stages of its creation. There will be variations in the shaping/modeling process, in the engraved patterns, in the coloring as a result of different firing in the kiln and in the gold lines finishing. It is impossible for us to repetitively produce the exact same final product. This series of pictures in this website is meant to be viewed as a sample of our work, with the understanding that the final pieces in your order will vary.

Detailed wholesale pricelist, including all specific measurements, is available upon request. For more information contact us.

Koralia Kolaiti collaborates selectively with various art shops and galleries throughout Greece. 
In the U.S.A. she has collaborated with the art company Namus Markus.
In Israel she collaborates repetedly with Gras Design Combination series of art shops.
Her unique creations have also traveled in art shops around the world: Cyprus, Israel, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, U.S.A., and Canada.

The fact that the picture of one of her "Women" has become the cover for the album "Litany II" by the world renowned composer Mikis Theodorakis, has given Mrs.Kolaiti great pleasure and honor. 

Currently you can find Koralia Kolaiti's creations in the following cities:

Athens, Thessaloniki, Piraeus, Kalamata, Iraklion Crete, Thira, Nauplio, Katerini, Cephalonia, Leykas, Rhodes, Syros, Chania Crete, Cyprus, Mesologi, Agrinio, Naypaktos. 

The Netherlands:

Israel: In every Gras Design Combination art shop. You can see our "Women" featured on the  very first page of their website.

Shipping and handling: 

For transporting our items we use international transport companies that handle works of art and all the items are insured against all risks. 
We have great experience in packagingand handling,we are using hard boxes, bubble plastic wrap and other protective material. 
For economical reasons we use international transport companies, such as Senker, Zim, Gold Air tech, and throughout all these years, our items have traveled safely, without any problems, all the way to Australia and Canada. 
Our products are not fragile, as we are using Stoneware clay and not earth clay, and they have enhanced resistance and durability due to the high kiln temperatures that we use during firing.